Social Networking
  • My Space, Facebook, Blogs, - do we block or provide unrestricted access to the Internet
* How to using the tools of the Read/Write Web (Web 2.0) to our best advantage

Open Source Collaboration
  • Sharing how are schools using Drupal, Moodle, and Elgg (Butera) -> I created an inital sharing page here - with some of our server installations

Other Questions
  • Does anyone have a copy of a K-8 technology curriculum they'd be willing to share? What skills are taught, and when? (Elgin Academy)
  • What, if anything, are you doing to educate parents about new technologies and tools?
  • What blogs do you read regularly for inspiration? I stumbled upon a teacher's website, blog, and Wiki...I don't find it inspirational, but it is a good example of a teacher who is effectively using blogs, wikis and podcasts with his students. I believe all of his students are required to maintain a blog.
  • What podcasts do you listen too for inspiration?
  • Does your school have minimum technology proficiencies for new hires (faculty and/or staff)? If so, what are they and how did you arrive at them? How does your school address teachers' needs for professional development in technology?
  • Has your school set up a replacement policy for LCD projectors? Have you adopted a goal of equipping every room with a projector, speakers, video hookup, etc?
  • Does your school use MP3 players in your foreign language curriculum? If so, how? Does your school allow students to bring their own to download files from your network?
  • Is anyone willing to share their 3-5 year technology plan. (Qwest)
  • E-Rate application process (Qwest)
  • Is the focus of your school website a marketing tool or is it academically oriented? Do you have more than one website to serve the two purposes?

Computer Science Coursework
Survey information (University School of Milwaukee)

Those Attending

John Broere (Fox River Country Day School)
Peter Brown (Latin School of Chicago)
Chris Butera (Bernard Zell Anshe Emet Day School)
Faith Caron (Ancona) - will not be attending due to other commitments.
Cathy Donnelly (Francis Parker School)
Peter Evans (Francis Parker School)
Carol Forgione (Woodlands Academy)
Keith Gillette (Lake Forest Country Day)
Mara Grujanac (Lake Forest Country Day)
JIm Kidston (Elgin Academy)
Marineta Kropke (Woodlands Academy)
Curt Leineck (University of Chicago Lab School)
Don Ryan (Conserve School)
Jon Stoper (Bernard Zell Anshe Emet Day School)
Vinnie Vrotny (North Shore Country Day School)
Matt Montagne (University School of Milwaukee)-This is my blog page--it isn't pretty and it is long winded--I wrote a blogging 101post that has some relevance to our conversation re: social networking, blogging, etc.

Nikki Lucyk (University School of Milwaukee)
Nat White (University School of Milwaukee)
Trudi Marino (University School of Milwaukee)
Linda Danforth (Brookfield Aacdemy)
Peter Laimins (Da Vinci Academy)
Medha Bhargaw (Quest)
Jim Zdunek (Quest)
Phil Igyarto (Quest)