Thursday, April 16,2009 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Lake Forest Academy

1500 W. Kennedy Rd.
Lake Forest IL 60045


Dave Aykroid, Director of Information Technology
847-615-3211 Office

Hotel Accommodations
The Hilton Garden Inn Mettawa is located just minutes from Lake Forest Academy at Route 60 and I-94
Promotional Rate: $109 CODE: LFA

Other hotels are available in the surrounding area


Please turn right at the stop sign on Academy drive upon reaching campus and park near the Cressey Center for the Arts. There are two parkings lots with additional parking along the road.


The meeting will convene on the first floor of Reid Hall in the Library Reading Room. The unlocked public entrance is located just West of the traffic circle beyond the arch (building on "stilts").

Agenda Items

Please list agenda items of interest to you:

  • Brief Update on NAIS Technology Task Force (Curt Lieneck)
  • Curt appealed to the group for interest in administering the ISED Listserv
  • From "Green" to "Lean" : Doing More With Less Roundtable Discussion (Dave Aykroid)
    • Phil initiated a conversation regarding enrollment and budget hits, most members had no change in enrollment, fundraising has been lower, some staff cuts
    • Discussed Google Docs Peter Evans currently uses Google Docs, Bill Mierisch uses Windows Live. No ability to view student information, legal concerns about storing sensitive information, Curt mentioned the value of having a legal rep attend a future meeting.
    • Printing and Copying costs - Keith is trying to move printing budgets to individual departments, Bill has eliminated student printing at his 1:1 school, which has resulted in more ROI on technology investment, Peter Brown has published copy/print use in terms of "trees". Papercut software has been used in UOCLS. Turnitin,com has reduced the level of paper at Northridge.
  • Senior Systems "My Backpack" and alternatives? (Dave Aykroid)
  • Windows 7 Beta Demo (Dave Aykroid)
  • Web Filtering: Recommendations for Cost-Effective Solutions? (Keith Gillette)
    • Francis Parker uses Postini, which is a hosted web filtering service. UOCLS and DaVinci do NOT use monitoring products. Latin is using and LFCDS is investigating 8e6, an appliance based solution that Peter Brown recommends.
  • Screen Monitoring: Anyone using SynchronEyes or equivalent? Is performance acceptable on WiFi? (Keith Gillette)
    • Bill Mierisch has discouraged the use of this product, difficult to use, performance issues Dyknow 10x more expensive but excellent performance, features such as off site monitoring and collaboration. Incremental features such as monitoring only features available to keep costs low. ABtutor is used in Francis Parker for PC's.
  • Use of InfoSnap - Does anyone have experience with their online admissions services? (Linda Danforth & Keith Gillette)
    • LFA is using this product for online applications, Francis Parker is using it for Admissions and Re-enrollment, integrates well with Blackbaud and Senior Systems.
  • InfoSource Learning Assessment - Has anyone used this online assessment tool with their students? (Linda Danforth)
  • Ed. Tech Media for Faculty: Recommendations for articles, videos, podcasts for faculty on ed. tech innovation & integration? (Keith Gillette) Keith is considering using Sharepoint to host online articles, podcasts, videos.(currently at LFCDS, every teacher receives a book paid for by the school).

From Vinny Vrotny who was unable to attend: "I was asked to be the LMAIS technology group member on the LMAIS Board. As such, I get the "opportunity" to participate in their board meetings and share our concerns and to report back t the board, which consists of heads of school, and other infinity group representatives (teacher reps, advancement reps, etc.) As your representative, I am wanting to know if there are any pressing issues that you would like to boards to be aware of from the technology affinitity group."
We would like to ask the LMAIS board for legal advice on various technology issues, including data retention, data security, cell phone use , copyright infringement,

Tentative date and location for LMAIS Fall meeting at Francis Parker Thursday, October 22

Day Plan

  • 9:00 - 10:00 Informal Gathering
  • 10:00 - 12:00 Morning Session
  • 12:00 - 12:30 Lunch
  • 12:30 - 1:45 Afternoon Session
  • 1:45 - Campus Tour (Optional)


  • Dave Aykroid, Lake Forest Academy
  • Keith Gillette, Lake Forest Country Day School
  • Mike Panagos, Lake Forest Country Day School
  • Peter Laimins, Da Vinci Academy
  • Peter Evans, Francis W. Parker School
  • Linda Danforth, Brookfield Academy
  • Peter Brown, Latin School of Chicago
  • Phil Igyarto, Quest Academy
  • Curt Lieneck, University of Chicago Laboratory Schools
  • Cathy Donnelly, Francis W. Parker School
  • Bill Mierisch, The Catherine Cook School