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Server Applications

  • Moodle - An online learning environment
    • Can authenticate to AD or OD LDAP (BZAEDS)
    • Quickmail block - Allows to email students in your class directly from Moodle
    • iPodcast module - Allows uploading of podcasts and corresponding RSS feeds
    • Questionnaire module - Better format for taking polls and surveys
  • Drupal - A content management system
    • Can authenticate to AD or OD LDAP (BZAEDS)
    • Gallery module - Allows for embedded integration of Gallery installation
  • Elgg - Social networking / communities tool
    • We have it authenticating to our Mac OS X Open Directory LDAP (BZAEDS)
  • Gallery - Photo sharing site with upload hooks from popular photo organizers. Allows for full resolution zip file downloads and ordering directly through shutterfly.
    • iPhotoToGallery - Export Photos from iPhoto directly into a Gallery album
    • Integrated with our drupal installation using Drupal Gallery Module
  • phpList - Mass eMailer / Newsletter Organizer
  • MediaWiki - Host your own school/class wiki (same format as wikipedia)
  • phpiCalendar - Post many different calendars together using iCal or Sunbird on your school website
  • FreeRadius - Radius Authentication Service for Wireless Access Points
    • We have this working on both Cisco APs, Apple Snow, and Apple Airport Extremes. We also have it setup to authenticate against a mysql db. (BZAEDS)
  • NetRestore - Allows for imaging/cloning of Apple computers.
    • We set up the phpNetRestore DB using mysql to access configurations and settings via the web. It renames computers via MAC address and also installs appropriate packages. (BZAEDS)
  • Nagios - Host, network and service monitoring program
    • We are using this to monitor our servers, switches, and wireless access points. We get email alerts and/or SMS messages when something becomes unavailable. (BZAEDS)

Client Applications

  • Alice - This open source from Carnegie Mellon helps our kids learn an easy programming language while having lots of fun manipulating 3D graphic objects in a little world that they can control. The students construct their programs using a simple drag and drop tile method that eliminates the possibility for syntax errors. (JIM Z)

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