Thursday, October 22, 2009 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Francis W. Parker School

330 West Webster Ave.
Chicago, IL 60625

330 West Webster Chicago, IL 60625

Peter Evans, Technology Director

Hotel Accommodations
Please let me know if anyone is interested in hotel accommodations.


Unfortunately there is only street parking available. There are parking meters on Clark Street directly outside our school but elsewhere in the neighborhood is not metered and open to anyone. You may have to drive around a few blocks to find a spot but it shouldn't be too bad.


The meeting will be located in the Humanities Center (Room 482). Please enter the School via the main doors on Clark Street and simply check in at the Security Desk. They will give you directions to the meeting.

Video Broadcasting and Archive

Brad Cooper of Lake Forest Country Day School will be bringing a video camera setup to stream the meeting via UStream so that remote attendees may listen and watch. The meeting will also be recorded by UStream so that it may be accessed at a later date if live watching is not convenient. Brad will provide the URL to watch both live and archived once he has set up for the meeting that morning.

Here are the archived video links:
Morning Session Part 1
Morning Session Part 2

Agenda Items

Please list agenda items of interest to you:

Google Apps
  • I'd like to hear more about your move to Google Apps for e-mail: rationale, decision process, legal issues, implementation plan (Linda Danforth) (Faith Caron)
  • Ditto on the Google apps shift, as well as rationale for the move away from PowerSchool (may be a sub-group discussion among PS users)

Backup/Data Retention
  • I'm looking to change my backup by going to terabyte drives. Looking for software recommendations.
  • Data storage and document retention - Has anyone digitized all of their past student records, Business Office records, etc.? Looking for suggestions, methods, policies and recommendations for the process. (Linda Danforth) LFCDS is also interested in this topic (Brad Cooper)

  • Wi-Fi: How many schools have their wireless networks open to visitors and to personal devices owned by students and staff? (Linda Danforth) LFCDS is also interested in this topic (Brad Cooper)
  • Looking for recommendations for good self-paced software for grammar and writing skills at a middle school level (Linda Danforth)
  • Do your classrooms stream video from the Internet? What type of bandwidth is required? Any suggestions as to streaming video and wireless? (Faith Caron)

  • We've discussed the ISTE standards for students several times in the past. Is anyone using the ISTE Standards for Teachers as a basis for staff development or evaluation? (Linda Danforth)
  • We have a permissions form our parents sign giving us permission to post photos on the school website and other school publications. However, we've never asked for permission from our teachers. Recently we posted a video taken in one of our Spanish classrooms and the teacher became almost hysterical that we had posted the video of her and her students without her consent. Do you have a policy that requires a teacher's permission before posting classroom photos and/or video taken by a school staff member other than the classroom teacher him/herself? (Faith Caron)

  • A number of misc items I'd be willing to discuss offline if you have input......Anyone using a DVD disk duplicator like the Primera Bravo? Same question for hard drive duplicator to clone ATA or SATA drives? Who uses Windows roaming profiles with student logons? Problems with a small number of parents not receiving 'broadcast' emails?....(Phil Igyarto)
  • Virtual Meeting in the Winter - Do we want try to get together virtually, in a conference room such as Elluminate, in the winter? (Vinnie Vrotny)

Day Plan

  • 9:00 - 10:00 Informal Gathering
  • 10:00 - 12:00 Morning Session
  • 12:00 - 12:30 Lunch
  • 12:30 - 1:45 Afternoon Session
  • 1:45 - Campus Tour (Optional)


  • Peter Evans, Francis W. Parker School
  • Cathy Donnelly, Francis W. Parker School
  • Vinnie Vrotny, North Shore Country Day School
  • Curt Lieneck, University of Chicago Laboratory Schools
  • Phil Igyarto, Quest Academy
  • Peter Brown, Latin School of Chicago
  • Klay Shannon, The Prairie School
  • Galen Steig, The Prairie School
  • Peter Laimins, DaVinci Academy
  • Linda Danforth, Brookfield Academy
  • Brad Cooper, Lake Forest Country Day School
  • Faith Caron, Ancona School
  • Emilee Gajewski, Fox River Country Day School
  • Christopher Butera, Bernard Zell Anshe Emet Day School
  • Beth Shutters, Roycemore School
  • Tony Rosinia, St. Ignatius College Prep (live stream)
  • Tom Kaldonski, St. Ignatius College Prep (live stream)
  • George Lund, Stanley Clark School
  • Michael Knight, Fox River Country Day School (live stream)