USM does plan on outfitting all teaching classrooms with a fixed presentation system featuring a projector that has the capability of displaying a computer signal and 1-2 other video sources (DVD player, camcorder, doc cam, etc). We're probably about 3-5 years away from completing all of our Middle School classrooms.

In the past few years, we've learned a few helpful tips that may be of interest to others:

1. If possible, ceiling mount data/video projectors using a mounting device that fits in a 24" ceiling mount system. This allows you to move the projector forward or backward when it is replaced in 5-8 years. See an example for Chief
2. Tail off 10 extra feed of A/V cabling above the location where the projector is mounted. This gives you the needed flexibility to move the location of the projector if you install a new model that has a different throw distance to the wall.
3. Consider a solution that allows for your projectors to be centrally managed...look for a model that has RS232...this will allow your projector to communicate with a device that allows your projectors to be controlled from a PC on the network (Crestron is one company that makes a control solution that allows projectors to be shut off remotely). This certainly has the potential to lower the operating cost of A/V systems. We don't have a central management solution for A/V in place now at USM, but we are preparing to do so going forward.