Thursday, October 23, 2014, 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

GEMS World Academy-Chicago

350 E. South Water Street
Chicago, IL 60601
312-809-8900, main line
Note: GEMS World Academy-Chicago is not a member of LMAIS.

Peter Brown, Director of School Operations
312-809-8922, office

GEMS is located in the Lakeshore East neighborhood in Chicago. For those of you who have been in the Chicago area for a while, it is where the old "S-curve" of Lake Shore Drive used to be. More recently, it was a golf course before being developed into a neighborhood. It can be difficult to find us since there are three levels of Wacker Drive. If you follow the signs for the City of Chicago Impound Lot it will get you to Sub Lower Wacker and North Field Boulevard. Our garage entrance is just south of this intersection.

Please enter our parking garage located on North Field Boulevard, just south of Sub Lower Wacker Drive. Please follow the signs for GEMS Drop-off and Pick-up. A traffic attendant will be outside the entrance to provide assistance. We can accommodate about 25 visitor cars. Parking is free.

The meeting will be held in the 5th floor cafeteria. All visitors must enter on the 1st floor either from the garage entrance or from the main entrance located on South Water Street.

Future Meetings (Tentative):
April 23, 2015 - UCLS (Curt Lieneck)

List Serve Membership:
Email Peter Evans

Agenda Items

Please list agenda items of interest to you:

Day Plan

  • 9:00 - 10:00 Informal Gathering
  • 10:00 - 12:00 Morning Session
  • 12:00 - 12:45 Lunch
  • 12:45 - 1:45 Afternoon Session
  • 1:45 - Campus Tour (Optional)


  • Peter Brown, GEMS World Academy-Chicago
  • Mike Riley, GEMS World Academy-Chicago
  • Thomas Steele-Maley, GEMS World Academy-Chicago
  • Lane Young, North Shore Country Day School
  • Steven Bosco, The Avery Coonley School
  • Jon Stoper, Ancona School
  • Julie Lettner, Science & Arts Academy
  • Briana Allen, BZAEDS
  • Peter Evans, Francis W. Parker School
  • Martin Moran, Francis W. Parker Scool
  • Christina De La Pena, Sacred Heart Schools
  • Kristin Lagerquist, Sacred Heart Schools
  • Beth Shutters, Roycemore School
  • Tim King, Roycemore School
  • Phil Igyarto, Quest Academy
  • Dan Rezac, Quest Academy
  • Klay Shannon, The Prairie School
  • Tony Rosinia, St. Ignatius College Prep
  • Irene Halko, Marist High School
  • Shandor Simon, Latin School of Chicago

Meeting Notes

  • JAMF User Conference - slides to be posted soon.
  • Asset Management - Spreadsheets, Access Database, Chromebook Inventory Script
  • Remote Management - Most attendees grant Admin access to faculty and staff, some use GoToMeeting for remote support, but most do not offer remote management, GoGuardian manages Chromebook screenshares remotely as long as they're part of your domain.
  • "No Media" Best Practices - Haiku LMS, Canvas, questions about legal use of media assets posted by parents/students & faculty/staff, best practices for how to resolve non-media release (let teacher/faculty know of media intent so that student's needs can be respected). Other ideas - color-coded tag dictates which student(s) images can be repurposed, shared docs, etc.
  • Classroom A/V Tips - Chromecast works well for Chromebooks, Christie Brio (supports AirPlay, Miracast, multiple Ethernet interfaces), Apple TV firmware update has broken wired connection visibility for some users, PC-side NetGear NeoTV,2 best practices for Apple TV usage: 1) Avoid WiFi Channel 149 and 153 IP and 2) Load Balancing between classrooms will cause Apple TV connections to drop. Apple TV works best with Apple Airport Extreme. AirServer also recommended.
  • Data Security - Breach of confidentiality re: student information, precautions for GAE confidential accounts (ex: 2 factor authentication overhead, etc.), Encrypt files before posting (then those who need to know will be granted the password to decrypt). Also evaluate your vendors (ex: cloud services) for their terms of service and liability coverage. Finding one product/vendor well integrated is a challenge, as well as centralizing data to minimize data silos.
  • When/how to teach kids tech skills - Tech and organizational skills, 1x/week, CS courses or more formalized courses? Integrated mini-lessons for some, others provide AP Computer Science or STEAM curriculum for 6-8. Try to get into classes more and observe then elevate w/different tool or approach. Refer to Clay Christianson's Innovator's DNA. Example: Use Minecraft to teach use of mouse, etc.. More kids are using Google Docs. Innovation Lab is still a work in progress.
  • Combined PD event for teachers - Exchange of ideas, EdCamp "un-conference" to engage faculty with other institutions. Start planning now for next summer. If interested, pursue further with Beth Shutters. Enthusiastic response to help. Date, time and location would need to be determined. Many EdCamps are done on Saturdays. Beth also plans to start an LMAIS Google+ Group.
  • Social Media - Twitter? Google+? Using with Students? Success/Failures? Best Practices? Class Twitter Account - classroom with Twitter Parking Lot (Post-It Notes on board moderated by teachers), must teach/inform/ask, mostly used by Elementary teachers. Twitter challenge worked for about a week. Google+, like Twitter, takes time to manage and foster. Mt. Vernon Presbyterian is good example of Twitter use. Use Google+ for tech department, track project status, etc..
  • Printing - What can be done to incentivize print reduction? Ask why they need to print, offer digital alternatives (ex: audio/video, materials that don't reproduce well in print). Show print usage on footer. Check out Helen Barrett's website.