LThursday, April 24, 2014 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Lake Forest Academy

1500 W. Kennedy Rd.
Lake Forest IL 60045
847-234-3210 Main

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Dave Aykroid, Director of Information Technology
847-615-3211 Office

Hotel Accommodations
The Hilton Garden Inn Mettawa is located just minutes from Lake Forest Academy at Route 60 and I-94

Other hotels are available in the surrounding area


Please turn right at the stop sign on Academy drive upon reaching campus and park near the Fitzsimmons athletic wing. We will meet in the Crown Fitness center which is at the west side of the parking lot. Overflow parking is available in adjacent lots.


The meeting will be held in the Crown Fitness Multipurpose room. Doors will be unlocked at 8:00 A.M.

Agenda Items

Future Meetings (Tentative):

October 23 2014 - GEMS Tentative (Peter Brown)
April 23 2015 - UCLS (Curt Lieneck)

List Serve Membership:
Email Peter Evans

Please list agenda items of interest to you:

  • 1:1 - how is everyone's deployment going? What are your plans for the future?
      • 1:1 Programs
      • LFA - iPad since 2011-12
      • BZAEDS - 1:1 Middle School
      • NSCDS - 1:1 iPad
      • Sacred Heart 1:1 iPads 8th grade (take home program next year 7th & 8th grades, 6th grade day program)
      • Catherine Cook 1:1 iPad for 1-2 grade, 1:1 laptop 3 grade +
      • LFCDS 1:1 Tablet PC for middle school, late elementary 1:1 (day program) lower grades iPad
      • WA 1:1 iPads for all grades. Teachers had iPads first for the whole year, then students were required to have iPads.
    • Professional Development for 1:1; raising the bar on the quality of use

  • Anyone Doing Windows 8 Deployments?
    • Group Policy
    • Lockdown
    • Side loading apps
    • App store account… Active Directory Integration?
    • Imaging

  • Wireless Projection
    • Apple TV - IPad - stability issues
    • Epson Projector - PC - reliable
    • Airserver - iPad - Experimental

  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure / Virtual Apps - pushing mission critical Windows applications to Macs and tablets

  • Audiovisual support: how much of your time/budget is this taking, what skills do you have on board and what do contract out, if anything?
  • GAFE vs. MS Office 365
  • the future....3d printing and AR?
  • classroom av...appletv, airplay, but affordable speakers?

  • EdCamp LMAIS - late summer or fall?

Day Plan

  • 9:00 - 10:00 Informal Gathering
  • 10:00 - 12:00 Morning Session
  • 12:00 - 12:30 Lunch
  • 12:30 - 1:45 Afternoon Session
  • 1:45 - Campus Tour (Optional)


  • Dave Aykroid, Lake Forest Academy
  • Ashley Kolovitz, Lake Forest Academy
  • Marineta Kropke, Woodlands Academy
  • Kyle Schmitt, Woodlands Academy
  • Briana Allen, BZAEDS
  • Vinnie Vrotny, Quest Academy - I need to leave at noon so I will not be at lunch. I would appreciate discussion of Maker spaces in the morning session so I can contribute what we have been working on.
  • Phil Igyarto, Quest Academy
  • Steven Bosco, The Avery Coonley School
  • Jon Stoper, The Ancona School
  • Peter Brown, GEMS World Academy-Chicago
  • Lane Young, North Shore Country Day School
  • Cathy Donnelly, Francis W. Parker School
  • Martin Moran, Francis. W. Parker School
  • Mike Panagos, Lake Forest Country Day School
  • Ted Ostrowski, Lake Forest Country Day School
  • Brian Puerling, Catherine Cook School
  • JD Pirtle, Catherine Cook School
  • Bill Mierisch, Catherine Cook School
  • Beth Shutters, Roycemore School
  • Linda Danforth, Brookfield Academy - Regretfully,I have to change my plans and to decline the invitation. Too many other events have crept onto the calendar for next week.
  • Curt Lieneck, University of Chicago Laboratory Schools
  • Tim King, Roycemore School
  • George Lund, The Stanley Clark School - I have to cancel as there is a Spring Concert that day and I need to take pictures.
  • Shandor Simon, Latin School of Chicago
  • Jim Kidston, Elgin Academy
  • Julie Lettner, Science & Arts Academy
  • Christina De La Pena, Sacred Heart Schools

Conversation Notes Line by Line (summarized transcript):
...maker spaces entering 15 minutes into the conversation
MakerBot - plastic isn't that expensive
$25 per student budgeting
$170 for Arduino robot - do they then take it home if they invested the money?
20cent items are constantly walking off - resistors, etc
Arduino kits have to be restocked - costly/difficult
3D printers - safety concerns?
PLA is safer than other materials - jury is out on PLA? some of these are going into unventilated spaces - contributing to reluctance to placement onf printers
LFA is in new space with good ventilation
MakerBot toxins not uniquely concerning compared to giant printer
Neurotoxins and dust - need a fabrication area and a design area - espresso machine and grinder (grinder is half the cost usually unbudgeted for) - you need to account for half of all costs going to ventilation - cutting MDF smells awful, brain damage or not - that is unpleasant smell
Quest has a parent attuned to these issues (carpeting, paint, nanoparticles) - she was comfortable with the efforts made in this regard at Quest - seal of approval
3D Printer, Laser Cutter, Sewing Machines (don't overlook them, key parts of the space)
Maker movement is more than a movement it is a tsunami - even beyond schools - it has been going on for ten years - nostalgic desire to get back to making things - we've lost that in the last couple generations - balancing the producing and the consuming - project based learning realized in the movement - biggest trend for educaiton since the internet?
Timing? Nascent movement - should one wait for a few years for costs to come down for 3D printers for example?
Depends on the investment that you want to make - example of a school in St. Louis doing this for less than $200 per year - start inexpensively and scale it up as budget allows - make it open access - you can do it for $1k per year - logical, computational, design thinking expand the definition of makerspace/innovation lab
Hire someone who knows how to program and 3D modeling, rendering, etc (don't just buy a 3D printer, they won't be able to use it)
Type to Learn - Hour of Code - not projects, just experimentation - hoping that teachers will want to use more coding in their curriculum
Countertops along the edge - movable foldable furniture in the middle - new construction of maker spaces with built in ventilation - GEMS academy
Kate S working with Milton Foundation - stations setup for play
'current century woodshop' - can't really test creativity - just create a space to encourage it and don't stifle if
At LFA - robotics with a dedicated 3D printer - perhaps an all female team next year - issue is trying to make the spaces open after school hours - one staff member works late two days to keep the space open (working from 1 pm to 10 pm) - the hope is for faculty volunteers - it has been harder than expected to keep it open in the evenings
FWP has someone who works with middle school math and science and he comes in in the afternoon and works with after school programs - another person works with math and the robotics competition (1-6 days and weekends)
Can you count on good will to sustain the program in the long run? i.e. evening staffing, - the answer is always no in the long run - this pops up regarding professional development as well - will teachers come in over the summer? for a little while, but it is not a good strategy - you have to value people's time properly - schools completely overlook tasks, especially in IT, and add and add and add - present the numbers and make a case with data
Do decision makers really understand the process to get to the finished product?

Conversation Notes Line by Line (summarized transcript):

Topic #2

1:1 - How are the deployments going and professional development opportunities

Optional professional development is often attended by those that don't need it

Workshops by topics that included teacher volunteers giving the workshops

Make sure the workshop is aligned to the audience needs

Cloud Storage / Grading on the iPad

Many people aren't going to come unless it is mandatory

FWP - got rid of TI and book fees and each student? has iPad mini or a BYOD? with a minimum capacity of chrome book - kids using multiple devices at the same time - all students have the same small set of apps - kids also have the ability to use their laptops for other things - should we be trying to utilize student smartphones? -

Sacred Heart Sheridan - once a month with middle school faculty to concentrate on technology in meetings - where is the commitment? it has to include professional development?

carts with different devices and everything is on Google Drive - then students can use whatever device they want when they get home

Catherine Cook - ... - PD is all about getting teachers comfortable and getting them to buy in - meet the teacher where they are - sometimes 1:1 PD, sometimes in teams, sometimes suggesting conferences - hiring process - who are you hiring? are you asking the right questions? - as the program grows - teachers find other places to teach if they don't like the direction the school is going

easier to have the same device for everybody - easier for support and repairs - one device gives a safer device for experimentation to start

Safe environment for experimenting - help them so it doesn't fail - one person in each department and grade level group - teachers taking the lead - app developers when contacted directly will often provide the app for free to schools -

Given up on the official PD - find a teacher whisperer who knows technology, content, and pedagogy - they are headcount adds, not replacements - records of unmet demand - other priorities like diversity or ISACS - new director - focus on the things that can be controlled and the things that can't - detailed plan for more teacher whisperers - U of C lab - 98% already have a laptop - laptop carts, devices being deployed in unprecedented 5th year - approach it like consulting, focus groups, surveys - high school parents are concerned about screen time and social media - define the preferred future or inherit the random future that emerges -

the death and retirement attrition model of change - give different amount of resources to teachers - fight for your piece of the pie - it is not about not having time - a matter of institutions doing a poor job of managing institutional attention - how do you say some projects are more important than others?

Digital citizenship and connecting identity to diversity time - artificial scarcity makes things more popular - say we have money to send 2, then send 6 - the evolution of the devices and the programs - student skills in technology evolve as well -

How do you get access to faculty on your terms for tech PD?

August 1st until September 3rd - returning faculty are invited

Flipped classroom model of PD - rolling out a new LMS - they all have to use it - LMS training in an LMS - administration is forcing them to create the LMS page -

Lunch Break

Note: Transcribing lost some steam after lunch, not all comments were recorded

After Lunch:

Fall meeting on October 23rd at GEMS? (tentatively)

How could you deploy something that wasn't stable?

AppleTV drop problem

Avoid problem with Airport per AppleTV

Don't fixate on Apple TV as Chromecast, Amazon TV, etc come out with solutions

Epson software is reliable except for wireless playing videos

HDMI VGA converter $50

Want to use the iPad for everything?

Windows 2012 R2 Server - run windows applications on a Mac, iPad, or other similar device - Application Virtualization - Remote Apps -

RT client app - install the programs on the server - Remote Desktop

Anyone committed to the cloud? Devices? Accounts?

Most teachers have already moved on to Google Apps - they aren't that interested in Office 365 - it is a little too late at this point for Microsoft

Google Apps - Google is data mining EVERYTHING in email and in apps - Microsoft has better policies for this than Google

Teacher accounts on Google makes communications available to Google

UofC - switched to Google to solve 2 problems - calendar and file collaboration - did not use Google email - can't touch e-mail or printing so conservative

WeVideo to Vimeo - some cloud solutions replace native apps, but email maybe is still worth keeping under the roof

Part of a class - what is Google doing with the data? Ad revenue. We are not the customers of Google, we are the product. Facebook as well. Show the developer documentation.

LFA - Privacy, Big Data, most kids don't care

Security camera analytics in retail stores - show live analytic data from our wireless network - these get through to kids

Data mining isn't even the most creepy thing going on

Keep in mind the e-mail archiving for legal purposes

Backupify? security issue - too easy to login