2011-2012 LMAIS Technology Coordinators Spring Meeting

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

North Shore Country Day School
310 Green Bay Rd
Winnetka, IL 60093

Guest WiFi

Password - LMAIS2012 (all caps)


9:00 - 9:45
- Gather in our Upper School Collaborative Learning Lab for refreshments and small talk
9:45 - 10:15
- Tour of the new Upper School building
10:15 - 12:00
- Discussion #1
12:00 - 12:45
- Lunch
12;45 - 2:00
- Discussion #2

Agenda Topics(Please add your own topics below)
  • Reflections on "new" Upper School space

  • iPad Management & Integration: For those of you with iPad programs, how do you manage iOS & software updates? How do you manage integration with Active Directory/LDAP accounts? How do you provide access to shared file storage? [Keith Gillette]

  • LAN School: With a multiplatform 1:1 environment on the horizon next year, we're considering using LAN School. Is anyone else using it? Strengths and weaknesses you've experienced?

  • Managing shared resources: for those who are not 1:1 yet, how do you manage shared equipment use (laptops, carts, etc.)? We currently have a check-out system through the library, but the librarian and myself are quickly becoming overwhelmed by the demand and management. [Beth Shutters] <I wrote a tech checkout system in Google App Engine that we use to manage our tech lab and carts. I'd be happy to show it remotely if that's possible, if anyone is interested. Requires Google accounts for security. Dana Pero, SAA>
    • Beth, we run several laptop carts that use a freeware password-protected online calendar; teachers have to reserve by 4:30 the day before they want it delivered. They also sign off on a low-tech sheet that travels with the cart that all the laptops that should be there are there; they also sign off on it when it's picked up to make sure all the laptops are there and plugged in...teachers have keys to lock and unlock carts. We are accommodating up to 500 cart reservations per quarter. There are also 30 laptops available for checkout and use in the library, either by teachers teaching a class or kids working during free periods. We used to have a loaner pool for still cameras, video cameras, and laptops for grown ups to use, but we stopped it when we a) realized most of it was being used for purposes that had nothing to do with school, and b) figured out how much time we were spending chasing people down to return items. People who had a genuine school-related need for these items were asked to demonstrate that need, and we did our best to get them their own devices to use. -- Curt Lieneck, UC Lab School

  • New AP curriculum standards - Has anyone studied the technology resources that will be needed to meet their new requirements?

  • Erika Bolte, Brickton Montessori School
  • John Huber, Brickton Montessori School
  • Curt Lieneck, University of Chicago Laboratory Schools
  • Keith Gillette, Lake Forest Country Day School
  • Nikki Lucyk, University School of Milwaukee
  • Dave Aykroid, Lake Forest Academy
  • Elizabeth Shutters, Roycemore School
  • Linda Danforth, Brookfield Academy
  • John Barrett, Brickton, Rogers Park, & Chiaravalle Montessori Schools
  • Cathy Donnelly, Francis W. Parker School
  • Vinnie Vrotny, North Shore Country Day School
  • Phil Igyarto, Quest Academy
  • Tony Rosinia, St. Ignatius College Prep
  • Tom Kaldonski, St. Ignatius College Prep
  • Briana Allen, BZAEDS
  • Faith Caron, Ancona School
  • Katie Kirsch, North Shore Country Day School
  • Ademola Popoola, Sacred Heart Schools Chicago
  • Jan Stoner, Loyola Academy
  • Tim Sassen, Loyola Academy
  • Martin Moran, Francis W. Parker School
  • Steven Bosco, The Avery Coonley School


  • Dana Pero, Science & Arts Academy - Sorry I can't make it, but our gala is Sat 4/28 and I'm swapped with that. I'd love to see the notes from the day. If you end up streaming anything for remote people, let me know. Thx!
  • Eric Wozniak, St. John's Northwestern Military Academy - Sorry, my teaching schedule will not allow me to attend this day. I will be looking forward to hearing about what is discussed.
  • Bill Mierisch and Brian Puerling, Catherine Cook School - Neither of us will be able to attend this time around. Thanks.
  • Marineta Kropke, Woodlands Academy - this is my last week before Maternity leave and have to make sure everything is under control! Thank you!
  • Peter Brown, Latin School - I signed up for a conference several months ago for the 25th and will be unable to attend. Looking forward to hosting the meeting at Latin School in the fall!
  • Jim Kidston, Elgin Academy - Sorry I can't make it this time. I always enjoy the meetings. See you all in the fall.