2007-2008 LMAIS Technology Coordinator Fall Meeting

Thursday, October 11th - 9:00 am - 2:00 pm
University School of Milwaukee
2100 W. Fairy Chasm Road, River Hills, WI 53217
Room Location: USM Board Room (The "Board Room" is located in the administrative section of USM)

Hotel Accommodations: Four Points Sheraton on Brown Deer Road (very close to USM), La Quinta Inn and Suites (again,
very close to USM

Dining for October 10th: We will meet at Cempazuchion the east side of Milwaukee at 7:00 PM for dinner on Wednesday, October 10th. Map to the restaurant.

Please leave your name below if you're interested in dinner:
  • Matt Montagne
  • Curt Lieneck

Restaurants at the new Bayshore Town Center, a few restaurants w/a more local appeal to be posted shortly.

Agenda Items:

Restrooms - just to the left and down the hall, out the boardroom door

9:00-10:00-Light breakfast/coffee, arrival, and catching up (Room Location: USM Board Room)

10:00-10:20-Tech Gadget Sharing Session (if we don't receive many responses on this, we'll skip and go to the morning session)
  • Introduction-same faces, new faces!!
  • 2007-2008 Spring Meeting Location-Latin School...thank you Peter!
  • Please bring along any technology hardware piece that has really come in handy at your building. For example, we just purchased a set of the Smart Senteo classroom response devices and will share these with the group. Curt brought the inexpensive video camcorders to share with the group last year which was pretty cool. WE MOST LIKELY WILL SKIP this piece as it looks like the `
    • Dave Aykroid-Blackberry/RIM integration at Lake Forest Academy
    • Cathey Donnelly-Francis Parker-Smart Tech's "Slate" device for $500
10:20-11:45-Morning Session
  • Housekeeping items-member list update, eduspaces vs. other group coordination tools or ning (eg-Google Groups as Keith mentioned in a post at eduspaces).
  • The "Ideal Classroom" -- what are some physical characteristics that the "perfect" classroom might have?
    • Lab School-entry way-seated rug/carpet area with a flat screen panel, working with a person to develop a product called, "Dill," which is dialed in for foreign language use, worked with Fox River A/V to develop a small little media sharing/system and workspace, Gary Staker-Thornburg Institute (blog dealing with educational technology), think about where kids like to spend free time when considering designing student learning spaces/classrooms, TIME-SPACE-PEOPLE-PROGRAM, Visit the school computing wiki
    • Mara brought up the point about the way teachers teach now...does this fit well with the "Ideal Classroom"??? Great question to consider in planning for this "Future Ready" classroom. Pre-wire for sound amplification systems...
  • Web 2.0 Discussion-What types of things are your schools/teachers/students doing with the Read/Write web? What are some of the obstacles to furthering the use of these technologies in the curriculum? What are some strategies that have been successful in implementing these technologies in the classroom/curriculum? What, if any, adjustments have you made in your AUP to reflect Web 2.0 issues?
    • Francis Parker's Experience-a challenge to implement, but they are forging onward. Collaborative workspace wikis for housekeeping items,
    • USM-Kristin Bayer and her AP comp sci course-using wikis for collaborative note taking
    • Vinnie V-providing the opportunities to collaborate and share...these are skills that they'll need to apply in the future (college and beyond), conducting and building their self-study via a wiki, science teachers using wikis for students to share data, screen recording device (insert software/device here), 8th grade humanities building study guides for each of the books that they're reading, student consternation about changing wiki content-something that they're not comfortable with perhaps due to tradiitional school culture
    • Curt L at Lab-soft launch of blog use...using moveable type due to its multi-user capabilities (Word Press is now multi-user)...4 blogs in the spring to nearly 30 currently...
    • Bill Lamers from Brookfield Academy-described a collaborative 8th grade blog project currently in process...
  • Barriers to implementation?? Time, traditional schedules, is time really an obstacle?? These things are SO SO SO easy and time may be only an excuse,
    • Mara's rubric for assessing professional growth in the area of educational technology
    • Google Apps for educators-Chris Butera-all teachers have an account, students as well? teachers are using it for the ISACS self study, they use if for the report card editing process,
  • Web 2.0 Project Sharing (time permitting)--share 1-2 teacher/student projects from your school that involve Web 2.0 software-plan on 5 minutes for sharing. Please leave your name below if you are interested (leave links to expedite the sharing process and also as a resource in the event that we are not able to get to this):
    • Matt Montagne (American History Final Unit from 2006-2007-student created wikis to replace their traditional paper unit notebooks, 8th Grade Digital Media Production Notebooks-student maintained wikis to replace a traditional class notebook/folder along with a portfolio section for students to upload their media files, 5th Grade "Virtual Tours" of USM enhanced podcasts-user name=usm password=wildcat)
    • Vinnie Vrotny - Eighth Grade Humanities Wiki (a private space that I have to open up to share) for students to create study guides. Can talk about projects in development (1st Grade Community Wiki, Bio-Psychology VoiceThread, Language Department Web Casts) which are in development and not ready for prime time

Assignments for Vinnie and Chris-
  • Vinnie will help us form a twitter group...check back later for participation info
  • Chris Butera will look into setting up a hosted presence for us in the shape of a moodle group hosted w/his school.
  • If these tools are setup for the LMAIS group, please try them out and participate!

11:45-12:30-Lunch-catered in the Board Room.

12:30-1:30-afternoon session
  • Working with school Development offices: challenges and best practices, (solutions for maintaining communications amongst alumni-Facebook community, setting up an elgg server and encouraging development to utilized this tool (Chris B), Richard Kasilla of the Caitlin Gable School in Oregon is doing something with Drupal or Elgg and supporting alumni).
  • Maintaining a strong relationship with development-how to do this??
  • Suggestions needed for online alumni databases requested by Development Office
  • Cross Platform: How many operating system platforms do you support? How & why?
  • Managing Wireless Networks: How do you control, balance and secure your wireless touchpoints? Mac address filtering using freeradius
  • Interesting technology news: One Laptop Per Child program is offering a program where you buy one laptop for a child abroad and receive one for own use. See the New York Times article.

1:30-2:00-Tour of USM campus (recently completed Upper School science center addition)


Upcoming workshops by Pamela Livingston in Chicago area. Topic is best practices in using web 2.0 in instruction grades 6-12.


  • Matt Montagne-University School of Milwaukee
  • Kristin Bayer, University School of Milwaukee
  • Curt Lieneck, University of Chicago Laboratory Schools
  • Phil Igyarto, Quest Academy, Palatine IL
  • Keith Gillette, Lake Forest Country Day School
  • Chris Butera, Bernard Zell Anshe Emet Day School
  • Mara Grujanac, Lake Forest Country Day School
  • Linda Danforth, Brookfield Academy
  • Bill Lamers, Brookfield Academy
  • Tim Stutt, Fox River Country Day School
  • Faith Caron, Ancona School
  • Peter Evans, Francis W. Parker School
  • Cathy Donnelly, Francis W. Parker School
  • Peter Brown, Latin School of Chicago
  • Jim Kidston, Elgin Academy
  • Carol Forgione, Woodlands Academy
  • Marineta Kropke, Woodlands Academy
  • Peter Laimins, Da Vinci Academy
  • Beth Lord, Roycemore School
  • Klay Shannon-Racine Prairie School
  • Jeffery Madison- Central City Cyberschool
  • Dave Aykroid, Lake Forest Academy
  • Vinnie Vrotny, North Shore Country Day School
  • Mike Peccia, North Shore Country Day School
  • Josh Ellis, Marquette University HS (Milwaukee, WI)